SUB: Interactive meet with Latvian delegation

Latvian delegation led by two representatives of the Latvian telecommunications operator (similar to BSNL in India) will visit our chamber. In this regard they would like to meet persons who are in telecom Industry, to discuss and explore the possibilities of Latvia and India joining together and do some business. Their some of the areas of interest are: mobile operators, integrators (those who cooperate with mobile operators), Internet Service Providers, Internet of Things players, other mobile niche players and players in the ICT sector.

Date and Time : 23rd November 2019 at 2.30pm

Venue : FKCCI, K G Road, Bengaluru-560009,

It is requested to attend the meet.

A word of confirmation would be highly appreciated.

Contact: Email id:

Mobile: +91 99860 43828 (E B Javali, Secretary)

With warm regards,

C R Janardhana


M G Balakrishna

Chairman, International Affairs & Coordination Committee

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